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Taxi Fare Calculator

Dallas Taxi Service fare estimator shows approximate fare from Start Point to Destination based acuracy of addresses entered. Our Fare Estimator considers few parameters including Shortest Distance, Flag Drop & Additional Miles, # of Passengers, average Airport Toll Charges etc.

The Estimated Cab Fare shown here may differ considering factors such as Traffic Patterns, Waiting Charges and Entry & Exit Points. Airport Toll or Entry Charges would apply at certain DFW regional Airports.

How does Calculate the Fares?'s taxi fare calculation is based on Google's proprietary algorithm that takes into account multitude of considerations. We utilize taxi rates only the distance and duration of trip by determining your Start Point to Destination, if mentioned accurately. But also additional factors such as traffic patterns, driving speeds, urban density, and possible wait times. Our estimates are carefully calibrated based upon actual fares as per Dallas Fort Worth Specifications and excluding Toll Charges and Airport Charges are Additional.

How accurate are's fare estimates?'s taxi fare calculation is based on a proprietary algorithm that takes into account multitude of considerations. It is not based solely on the distance and duration of the trip like other calculators available on the web.

Your actual fare may vary depending on unforeseen factors, such as inclement weather, unusual traffic congestion, and even your driver's driving habits; however, under normal driving conditions, our fares are known to be nearly accurate.

How are's fare estimates more accurate than other sites'?

Other websites and calculators use simple calculations based solely on the expected distance and duration of a trip. This, unfortunately, does not result in estimates that are accurate or comparable to real world fares. uses Google Map's sophisticated algorithm considering only standard factors and not including factors such as city's traffic patterns and driving speeds, and is carefully calibrated on actual fares.

How does MAP the Routes?

We utilize Google Maps to build out the route map for your trip. For each fare estimate, Google Suggests Shortest Route Map. The user can click through these options to see which route may be preferable to them. By default, displays the route that is the nearest and cheapest of the possible route.